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2020-2021 Initiatives

The NAWP knows the future of first responder fields lies in the diversity of its professionals. Our goal is to enhance the future of women in law enforcement by developing female leaders today. our members actively recruit for many Nebraska agencies as well as conduct regular public speaking engagements.


The NAWP is also proud to be taking an active part in the development of future female leaders by regularly partnering with Nebraska girl scouts. We also lead our own troop comprised of the daughters of local first responders. The core principles of our program include fostering courage, confidence, character development and a desire to make the world a better place.

The recruitment committee is led by the current NAWP

Secretary, tami phillips


the nawp was founded by women who recognized that law enforcement agencies function more effectively and are more responsive to the public's needs if they are representative of the community they serve. a large part of serving our community is to increase awareness of the roles and benefits of women in law enforcement.


our members can regularly be seen serving their communities on and off duty. we strive to build relationships with those we serve and foster strong partnerships with many local organizations. our members serve on community boards, first responder taskforces, and many organization committees throughout the state.

The Community awareness committee is led by the current NAWP treasurer, stacy williams

in its founding, the nawp began by creating a supportive network of female law enforcement officers. since then, the nawp has branched out and created a state-wide network of female first responders, dispatchers, corrections personnel, and first-line supervisors. we strive to end the days of female competition within male-dominated workplaces. we believe women should support future generations through networking and one-on-one mentorship programs. our board of directors regularly meet with female recruits and provide guidance and support throughout the hiring and training process. 

our members include peer-support specialists throughout the state. peer-support continues to be a focus of our organization. Our members are the lifeblood of our organization and we continually strive to support them in every way.

The mentorship committee is led by the current NAWP vice president, leighanne loges

it's no secret that the first responder community tend to care for others before themselves. But who cares for the caretakers? the nawp has created fitness programs and competitions which encourage and promote healthy habits for first responders. we promote self-care, self-responsibility, and an active lifestyle. we recognize that our jobs are not our lives. While we want successful careers for all our members, we strive for healthy, balanced lives.

we are always on the lookout for wellness regimes and inspiration that can be shared with our membership. we recognize that a multi-faceted wellness approach can lead to long, healthy lives long after our careers end.

The Wellness committee is led by the current NAWP communications director, Danielle murray

training opportunities are a cornerstone of our organization as we strive to support and develop our members. our board of directors are continually seeking out timely training which we believe will benefit our membership. The nawp was honored to host our first annual regional conference for Female First Responders in 2019. We welcomed police, fire, and ems personnel from all over the midwest to discuss leadership, mentorship, tactics, investigations, and the future of women in first responder fields.

our exclusive events have aided in creating lasting, supportive peer networks across the region. our younger members have been able to speak to some of the first female first responders in the region, hear their stories, and learn from their experiences. sometimes you just need a few laughs with a peer who understands your world.

The Events & Training committee is led by the current NAWP

president, Jessica swanson

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